Primaco Group is a leading provider in laboratory and medical equipment and has been receiving trust commitment for over 30 years as partners in the medical world. The headquarter is located in Central Jakarta with its branch offices located in Surabaya and Semarang, proving with its agents spread over all indonesian archipelago. Loyal customers to Primaco group consist of hospitals operated by private institutions and Government, food and bevarages, and also medical supply provider.

This reflects the credibility and trust given to customers on the basis of principles and commitments of high-level Primaco group health. Primaco products have been utilized not only for providing high-tech system, but also the answer to the needs of consumers on accurate and economical basis.



“To become a world class company in the medical supply laboratory equipment, particularly in giving a strong support in clinical diagnostics”


“To contribute in improving the quality of the health in Indonesia, to offer an integral service in order to satisfy the customers, shareholders, employees and suppliers through the acquisition of equipment-.”High-quality medical laboratory equipment”


Primaco group, constructed in April 1978, has its core business product in :

  • Medical laboratory equipment supplies and analytical devices
  • Diagnostic reagents for analitical purposes

Primaco headquarter is located in central Jakarta, Indonesia. It has extensive network and services to all provinces in Indonesia to support customers in fullfilling their laboratory requirement.
The following are some offices that have been established to fullfill the requirements of domestic customers :

  • DKI Jakarta ,
  • All regions of Java island
  • Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Eastern part of Indonesia covering Ambon and Papua.

Primaco has already been the medical supply industry for more than 30 years and has already served for more than 10 000 customer, comprising of medical laboratories, clinics, hospitals, factories, public institutions (e.g., food and beverage, pharmaceutical, etc.) owned by either private institution or public. This evidence indicates our credibility and trust given to the entrepreneurs and customers as our commitment to the industrial world in providing advanced technology that is friendly to be utilized. Moreover, Primaco has been using trusted products with high technology provided with international standards and at affordable prices.
Primaco, in conjunction with the well-known international business institution, has been improved its development and strengthened since the beginning.